Federal Contracts Corp sells the entire line of Vermeer trenchers and trucks through GSA Advantage

You can find us with our contract number, GS-30F-0008S, or by clicking the GSA logo above.

Email us at or call us at 813-631-0000 for more information on specific models.



Known for their iconic yellow iron seen on industrial job sites and farms around the world, this once single man shop has turned

into a powerful producer of some of the most inventive and reliable agricultural, utility installation, and maintenance equipment

on the market. What Vermeer attributes their success to is their constant strive to bring innovative change to niche markets while

listening to their customer challenges along the way. The products that are developed and manufactured are carefully calculated and

crafted, then tested and tried to assist customers in progressing the world with their work.



To learn more about Vermeer and their list of products, click here.