Federal Contracts Corp sells the entire line of Elliott cranes and digger derricks through GSA Advantage

You can find us with our contract number, GS-30F-0008S, or by clicking the GSA logo above.

Email us at info@federalcontractscorp.com or call us at 813-631-0000 for more information on specific models



In 1948, Elliott Equipment developed the first truck-mounted telescoping aerial work platform and crane, and are still continuing to pioneer the

market to produce top-of-the-line products that will stand the test of time. Since then, the company and its employees have been hard at work growing

the line of telescoping work platforms and cranes, now numbering more than 40 product models. Elliott Equipment sets their goal to creating the

best solutions for lifting loads and positioning people, accomplished by values in safety, customer satisfaction, and culture.



To learn more about Elliott Equipment and their list of products, click here.