Federal Contracts Corp focuses on sales, leasing, or rental of heavy equipment in the government marketplace. Our dealer infrastructure has a national reach, which can be a valuable asset when certain occurrences happen; a machine goes down, emergencies, or for added workloads. We have the capabilities to supply various heavy equipment to meet a surplus of needs. Our full line of rental fleet machines can be drawn upon 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. 



Though you may know exactly what your needs are for a project, at times there may be questions on what will work for your application. This is not a problem for our experts in heavy equipment. Through consultation, we can suggest products that will satisfy your needs while staying within your budget specifications. Our staff has over four decades of experience in the equipment industry, and constantly works to stay on top of industry knowledge by maintaining Fleet Certifications, Landfill Manager Certifications, Undercarriage Specialist Certifications, diagnostic trouble shooting experience and understanding of the FARs.

Call or email Federal Contracts Corp today for consultation or additional information to see how we can help you with heavy equipment purchasing.

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